DNASense history

Accelerating technology transfer to life science

A spin-out company from Aalborg University

DNASense was founded in 2014 as a spin-out company from Aalborg University (Denmark) by Prof. Mads Albertsen, Prof. Per Halkjær Nielsen (Head of Center for Microbial Communities), Dr. Søren M. Karst and Dr. Rasmus H. Kirkegaard. The initial focus was on leading-edge method development and characterization of microbial communities in environmental samples.
With an essentially bottomless toolbox of bioinformatics and molecular biology know-how, it was quickly realized that DNASense’s diverse competencies could be applied to many different research areas. Thus, the activities quickly grew to include all applications of sequencing microbiomics, customized method development, and novel applications of the latest NGS/TGS technology (Oxford Nanopore).

A close collaboration

A close collaboration between the world-class research groups of professors Mads Albertsen (Albertsen Lab) and Per Halkjær Nielsen (Center for Microbial Communities) has been integral to the growth and development of DNASense and remains a core part of daily activities to this day. Today DNASense employs several experts in molecular biology, sequencing, and bioinformatics, along with contracted consultants from the research groups of Prof. Mads Albertsen and Prof. Per Halkjær Nielsen. DNASense easily works with sequencing novices to leading experts and on projects ranging from a few well-defined samples to multi-year discovery research in novel settings.

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