DNA Sequencing

Is just the beginning - Analysis and visualization is key!

Get your DNA analysed today

with custom tailored data analysis

DNA Sequencing

Using short and long read technologies

More than just the sequence

Generating enormous amounts of DNA sequence data has become possible for anyone. Handling and analyzing the data, however, is not trivial and requires expertise and experience. We provide both the sequencing power and the data analysis insight to ensure you get the most out of your data. We collaborate with people at all levels and know that the analysis needs to be custom tailored to fit your needs. The data is analysed using the latest research standards enhanced by our custom software packages.

Cutting edge

In our sample-to-answer workflows we are using cutting-edge DNA sequencing, data analysis tools and visualization principles to extract biological information in a transparent and reproducible way. Our main products are the microbial community amplicon analysis packages, the genome and metagenome sequencing packages and transcriptomics packages, but we are also experienced in consulting on custom sequencing and bioinformatics projects. Visit our product pages to read more or contact us directly for custom projects.