More than just the sequence


The Bio Bank

When an environmental or industrial microbial-dependent process, changes drastically or breaks down it can be valuable to investigate what has happened to the microbial community composition before, during and after to determine the cause. However, in many cases it would be too expensive and impractical to conduct regular measurements of the microbial community. Here regular sampling and storing could be a feasible alternative.

We call this the biobank concept. Sample regularly from your system of interest and store the samples in the freezer. It is easy and inexpensive. In case of a breakdown, send samples from before, during and after for microbial community analysis. If possible, store metadata as well. In this way, the microbial analysis can be correlated with the metadata such as pH, temperature or concentration of a given chemical, to provide a more holistic view of the problem.

Put together a biobank yourself, or buy our biobank starter kit, which contains all you need to store 100 samples. This is enough for almost two years of weekly sampling, and microbial analysis can be conducted directly from the frozen samples.

The bio-bank kit contains

  • 1 x storage box for 100 samples
  • 100 x 2 mL high quality sample tubes
  • 1 x 1 L bottle for sample homogenisation
  • 100 x Pasteur pipettes for subsampling into the 2 mL tubes
  • 1 x permanent freeze resistant marker pen for labelling
  • Freezing gels and styrofoam box for shipping samples for microbial analysis
  • 140 EUR (excl. shipping)

Contact us for a quote or if you have further questions.

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