More than just the sequence


Metagenomics is a powerful way to access the total genetic potential of a complex microbial community from an environmental sample. Used correctly metagenomics can be applied for enzyme discovery, mapping of community functional potential, genome extraction and more. However, metagenomics has intrinsic biases and limitations, which easily can lead to erroneous conclusions especially for in-experienced users. At DNASense we have many years of experience with using and developing tools for metagenomics, and we can help with everything from proper experimental design to performing comprehensive, customized data analysis.

The basic genome package includes:
  • DNA extraction
  • Illumina sequencing library preparation
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing (2 x 300 bp)
  • >2.5 Gbp/metagenome (Suited for a community with 5 bacteria or less)
  • Sequencing QC report
  • De novo assembly
  • Gene annotation
From 2500 EUR/metagenome

Add-on services:
custom DNA purification, extra sequence reads, data submission to online databases, gene mining, genome binning etc.

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