More than just the sequence


Analysis of the structure and relative abundance of the fungal community in a complex sample is possible by sequencing the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) in the fungal rRNA operon. 10,000 to 100,000 of measurements are performed for each sample, which provides high community resolution. Up to 500 bp of the ITS region can be analyzed and we have standard workflows, which target either the first part (ITS1) or the second part (ITS2). We have experience with analyzing samples from many different environments – wheat head, fir needles, activated sludge, soil etc.

The basic amplicon package includes:
  • DNA extraction
  • Quality control
  • Amplicon sequencing library preparation
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing (2 x 300 bp)
  • 10,000 reads/sample guaranteed
  • OTU clustering, relative abundance estimates and taxonomic classification
  • Community structure and dynamics analysis presented as heatmaps and PCA plots
  • Easy analysis with our DNASense APP
  • Optional pre- and post-analysis Skype meeting to discuss best suited analysis strategy

  • 1-9 samples batch size: 560 EUR + 140 EUR/sample
  • 10 + samples batch size: 140 EUR/sample
Add-on services:
Liquid sample filtration, custom DNA purification, extra sequence reads, custom reference databases for taxonomic classification, data submission to online databases, extended statistical testing etc.

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