More than just the sequence


A good genome is often the off-set for an in-depth investigation into the function and role of an organism. The genome it-self provides the metabolic potential of the organism, which can be used to form hypothesis for further testing. A genome is also key as reference for methods measuring activity such transcriptomics and proteomics, are also essential for high resolution strain typing and comparative genomics. At DNASense we have extensive experience with sequencing and de novo assembly of bacterial genomes using Illumina short read sequencing and Nanopore long read sequencing. We are experts in assembling and manually curating complete circular genomes.

The basic genome package includes:
  • DNA extraction
  • Illumina sequencing library preparation
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing (2 x 300 bp)
  • >500 Mbp/genome (100 x coverage for normal bacterial genome)
  • Sequencing QC report
  • De novo assembly
  • Gene annotation
From 500 EUR/genome

Add-on services:
Custom DNA purification, extra sequence reads, data submission to online databases, manual curation of metabolic pathways, gene mining, Nanopore long read sequencing, manual genome finishing etc.

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