More than just the sequence



Whole bacteria or archaea community profiling using 16S amplicon sequencing targeting different variable regions of the 16S gene (V1-3, V4, V3-4, V3-5 and many more). For more details and prices see Bacteria and Archaea community analysis (16S).

Fungal community analysis (ITS)

Whole fungi community profiling using ITS amplicon sequencing targeting one of the two ITS fragments in the fungal rRNA operon. For more details and prices see Fungal community analysis (ITS).


Sequencing and assembly of pure culture genomes using either a short-read sequencing strategy to obtain high quality draft genomes or using a combination of short-read/long read sequencing strategies to obtain closed, circular genomes. For more details and prices see Genomics


Complete sequencing of all the DNA in a microbial community using short-read sequencing, followed by bioinformatics analysis fitting your specific research question. For more details and prices see Metagenomics.


Gene expression profiling of pure cultures and microbial communities by mRNA sequencing. For more details and prices see Transcriptomics.

Custom sequencing and bioinformatics

Do you need help developing a custom sequencing application or a bioinformatics pipeline? Consult with us and benefit from our extensive research and development expertise. For more details and prices see Custom sequencing and bioinformatics.


A biobank is an excellent solution for retrospective ecosystem monitoring. Sample and store regularly and then pick samples for microbial community analysis, when needed e.g. if there is large change in the ecosystem. For more details and prices see Biobank.