DNASense acquired by Clinical Microbiomics 🎉

DNASense acquired by Clinical Microbiomics 🎉 1786 1644 admin

DNASense has rapidly advanced technologically and experienced significant growth in recent years. Joining Clinical Microbiomics, a leading microbiome CRO in North America and Europe, marks another major milestone in our development, furthering our mission to enable pioneering microbiome science across a wide array of human, animal, and environmental applications.

Benefiting from the challenging projects received from customers and collaborators, DNASense has thrived as a cutting-edge startup. As part of Clinical Microbiomics, we aim to enhance our services for all stakeholders further. 🌟

Also, looking even further ahead, we are thrilled to announce unveiling a new parent company brand in the summer of 2024, reflecting the shared vision of Clinical Microbiomics and DNASense and advancing the microbiome revolution. 🧬🦠

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DNASense: Gold Sponsor at Gastrointestinal Function Congress 2024!🌟

DNASense: Gold Sponsor at Gastrointestinal Function Congress 2024!🌟 851 851 admin

We are thrilled to announce that DNASense is participating in the prestigious Congress on Gastrointestinal Function 2024 as a Gold Level Sponsor! 🌟 Join us at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation in gastrointestinal health.

Check out the conference details here: Congress on Gastrointestinal Function 2024

DNASense is also presenting a poster on the cutting-edge use of long-read DNA sequencing (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) for optimized MAG retrieval from the highly challenging cow rumen microbiome. In addition, DNASense co-founder and Aalborg University professor Mads Albertsen is attending as an invited speaker, and will be sharing insights and expertise from the Albertsen lab. 🧬

A huge thanks to Phil Pope for extending the invitation. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow microbiome enthusiasts in the field of gastrointestinal research.

Stay tuned for updates from the event! 🌐

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Introducing the DNASense publication support package!

Introducing the DNASense publication support package! 1024 1024 admin

Publishing NGS sequencing data includes numerous time-consuming tasks such as data sharing and addressing reviewer feedback. If you complete projects with DNASense, we offer a publication support package to make publishing easier for you. Our publication support package is priced at 1400 € per project and includes:

Data Accessibility: We’ll handle the upload of your sequencing data to public repositories like NCBI, ensuring your research is easily accessible to the global scientific community.

Figure Customization: Refining and customizing our publication-grade figures to meet publication process requirements.

Reviewer-Ready Responses: DNASense provides expert assistance for crafting concise and effective responses to NGS-related reviewer comments.

Statistical Support: Providing statistical assistance throughout the review process and, if necessary, adjusting the related output.

If you have an interest in our publication support package or require additional information please don’t hesitate to visit or contact us at

Christmas came early!

Christmas came early! 800 709 admin

Today DNASense received a brand new PromethION P24, replacing a temporary loaner unit used for the last month or so. A much needed and welcomed supplement to our P2 solos, significantly boosting flow cell throughput. We look forward to unboxing and installing!

🎄 Merry Christmas from DNASense! 🎅

🎄 Merry Christmas from DNASense! 🎅 800 1067 admin

As the holiday season is upon us, the DNASense team extends warm wishes to all our incredible collaborators and customers. 🌟
Your assistance and collaboration have played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with joy and memorable moments! 🎄🎉

🌱🔬 Monitoring microbiome N2O emissions using DNA sequencing 🔬🌱

🌱🔬 Monitoring microbiome N2O emissions using DNA sequencing 🔬🌱 800 709 admin

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a potent greenhouse gas with greater warming potential than carbon dioxide, that significantly influences global warming. N2O emissions are the largest single contribution from Danish wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to greenhouse gas emissions.

Effectively addressing N2O emissions necessitates a thorough understanding of the microorganism communities, the microbiomes, within WWTP processes.  To this end, DNASense provides cutting-edge microbiome analyses as part of a Krüger A/S led project to reduce WWTP N2O emissions.

DNASense recently shipped sampling kits to the 13 Danish WWTPs participating in Krüger A/S´s project. Incoming samples are marker gene sequenced (bacteria 16S rRNA V1-8) using Oxford Nanopore Technologies long-read sequencing for accurate and high-resolution profiling of the WWTP microbiomes.

Marker gene sequencing offers cost-effective microbiome monitoring, providing essential operational insights for engineered microbial communities in applications like WWTPs, biofuel production, and remediation plants.


DNASense is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team – Emil Aarre Sørensen! 🎉

DNASense is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team – Emil Aarre Sørensen! 🎉 800 870 admin

Emil is a top alumni from the prestigious Mads Albertsen‘s lab at AAU and joins the DNASense team as a Research Scientist, bringing a formidable background in Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) amplicon sequencing, ONT method development, and generating microbiomics reference data sets. 🧬💻

We are eager to leverage his expertise to make significant strides in our research initiatives at DNASense. 🚀

Emil recently submitted his PhD-project titled “THE MICROBIAL rRNA DATABASE OF DENMARK – MICROFLORA DANICA,” and covers groundbreaking research aimed at establishing a comprehensive rRNA reference database of microorganisms in Denmark. His work involved advancing state-of-the-art amplicon sequencing techniques and long-read sequencing of rRNA genes from thousands of samples representing diverse habitats in Denmark. 🌍💡

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